leadership & discipleship program-3 weeks

412 leadership & discipleship program

Looking to go deeper in your spiritual walk, experience new things and gain skills that will last a life time? This program provides training and mentoring in spiritual disciplines, personal growth, and practical camping and leadership skills. It’s a great preparation for further staff opportunities at JOY and elsewhere.

412 is a 3-week leadership and discipleship program for young people who want to develop leadership skills in their life, go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and get equipped to work effectively with children, whether at JOY or in a variety of settings. Inspired by 1 Timothy 4:12, our goal is to challenge and train young people to live out their faith in such a way that transforms their world.

Program components include a balance of classroom and hands-on learning. The program is segmented into 3 weeks of instruction and 1 week of service in either our Boys' or Girls' camps.

Some of the topics covered will be personal growth and discipleship, facilitation skills, group dynamics/team building, campfire and program skills, cabin-leading expectations and challenges. Mature leaders will live in a cabin setting (and sometimes a tent!) with program participants. Successful participants in program will be considered for cabin leader and support staff positions at JOY in future, and will gain valuable leadership training for other ministries and opportunities as well.

Date: Watch for dates in 2018.

Ages: 15-17 co-ed




G412 is a one-week program during Girls' Adventure Camp that provides opportunity to learn and grow in cabin-leading and personal skills. It replaces our former LIT program, and endeavors to highlight some of the 412 program in a 1-week experience.

Date: August 12 - August 19, 2017 (Girls' Adventure Camp)

Ages: 13-14

Price: $198 ($35 discount if registered as a camper at Jr. or Sr. Youth)